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Leading female adventure photographer in Denmark. By adventure photographer I mean a photographer with athletic skills such as off-piste skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking and being under water with my camera. I'm confident in the most demanding environments.

I'm born in 1974 and was a competition swimmer in my teen years. Got my first camera at age 13. Educated cartographer and worked with digital mapping then later graphic design, large format printing, catalogue production and image editing.

I'm fortunated to have clients includes adventure photography, editorial- and corporate photography & videography. I'm driven by passion and perfection with a penchant for outdoor experiences. I'm running two other photography business side wise; The Copenhagen Photographers and Rebel Media House.


I spend a season skiing in Val d’Isère  in 1996 after half a year at Oure Sports College' ski class. I started hiking with the skis on the backpack, but soon realised I needed to be more skilled and safe in the mountains, therefor I joined a climbing class. I've  got more and more into traditional rock climbing and at the time I climbed the most I was one of the best female traditional climbers in Denmak. The combination of skiing and climbing led into ski touring in the French Alps, the Canadian Rockies, Northern Norway and chasing Japanese powder. I've recenty got back into the first element as an athlete; water - now with a professional underwater housing to explore and document the underwater world.

I'm a member of the movement 1% for the Planet.  Why? Because I love spending time in nature, leaving no footprints, and it's one of my favorite workspaces. It's as simple as that.


I've got a weakness for good brewed coffée, Japan, skiing, sneakers, colorful sunglasses and my favorit outdoor brand is the environmentally conscious Patagonia. And I listen to music all the time and some of my favorit artists are Chris Cornell, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, John Mayer, & Ben Howard.


Beside winning movie awards for my climbing stories some of my highlights as a freelance photographer is creating a healthy businees that gives me the freedom is do personal projects both in still- and motions pictures. And getting some extraordinary and spectacular job opportunities such as; filming and editing a story for the Crown Prince of Denmark directed by Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen, sailing, skiing and shooting photos for in the fiords of Northern Norway, spending 3 months in Greenland capturing moments for Visit Greenland, getting inside danish prisons to shoot campaign for The Danish Prison and Probation Service … just to list a few.


In 2016 I won the award for Best Danish Movie at Nordic Adventure Film Festival with the  bouldering movie 'A Sandstone Paradise'.

In 2017 I  won the award for the Best Danish Movie at Nordic Adventure Film Festival with the adventure tale of climber Kenneth Jensens attempt of 'The Tree North Faces'.


I've held photography workshops in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Morocco, Uganda and Japan since 2013. I teach classes in Adobe Lightroom at beginner and intermediate level and Photoshop at beginner level.


I'd like to say I care less about equipment, but that would be a lie. Though, expensive gear don't produce great content. In spring 2018 I made the final decision to go 100% for SONY alpha-universe along a wide range of lenses to get a lightweight camera setup without compromising quality for photography and videography. I edit in Adobe Creative Cloud.

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