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Camilla Hylleberg is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Camilla got her first camera, a Yashica analog camera, as a teenager shooting with color films, now she's shooting both photos and videos with the Sony alpha series. Camilla has traveled for work in more than 25 countries around the world.

"I see the world through a lens, even when I'm not framing  the perfect moment with my camera."

Camilla's passion for photography originated from mountain activities, such as offsite skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking. As a filmmaker she accomplished several awards at Nordic Adventure Film Festival.

" … to get even the most boring stuff to 

look good in a photograph is one of my goals".

Camila's grateful that one of her highlights as a freelance photographer is to run a healthy business, and to have the freedom to do personal projects.

"I’m happy the future is unpredictable. To plan my own work life, to be present, work hard, have fun, travel the world and go with the creative flow is something I really enjoy."


"Camilla is second to none. Her gifted talent, creative mindset, life experience and curiosity makes her the best in business. Her magical way of capturing moments, feelings and stories in only one shot is amazing.  

Camilla has an exceptional ability to adapt to any project. She has strong team working skills and a broad experience with any types of projects and clients. Working with Camilla, is always a guarantee of quality beyond what is expected. 

We would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional experience, a customized photography journey, an artistic eye and a warm and funny personality”. 

Kristian Uhd & Camilla Buch, Running26


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