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Adventure & corpotare photographer & filmmaker.

Commissioned by clients to promote products, shoot campaigns and tell stories.

Award winning filmmaker at Nordic Adventure Film Festival in 2016 & 2017.

"By "adventure photographer" I mean a photographer with skills such as off-piste skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking and being under water with my camera. I'm confident in the most demanding environments. and safety is first"


I've grown up south of Copenhagen with mom, dad and my sister, litterlily in a swimming pool as an competition swimmer. Got my first camera as a first-year teenager just a couple of days after my grand mother passed away. Started photographing camping vacations and weekends with my Yashica analog camera.

I’ve got my degree as Technical Designer and worked as a Cartographer with digital maps, later with desktop publishing, large format printing and as a Grahpic Designer with catalogue and magazine productions.

After a decade or more as a competiitons swimmer, I went on a ski trip in my early twenties and was completely in love with the mountains. I went on a sports collage to ski for a year and spent every winter vacations in the mountains after that.

It led into boot packing (hiking with the skis on backpack), so I desided I needed more mountain skills and eventually started rock climbing. I got pretty good at climbing, and combined the two mountain activities into skitouring.


When someone tells you that you're good at photography the first thing that comes to mind isn't living as a professional photographer. At least, I didn’t. But since 2008 photography has been my journey. 

It is a great privilege to organize my own work days and create value with clients. Usually there isn’t a long way from thoughts to executions when it comes to ideas and projects, nor with bookings for clients.

I'm grateful to say that one of my highlights as a freelance photographer is to run a healthy business, and to have the freedom to do personal projects. My main focus on personal projects the past years is filmmaking, and I've won two awards for my climbing documentaries.

This journey has taken me to work in some of the most beautiful places on earth. I've worked in 19 countries with my camera including: Greenland, Iceland, EU, Canada, Japan, Georgia, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Uganda ... 


I’m happy the future is unpredictable. To not concern too much about what happens in five years, or so, let's my freedom and creativity flow: “Surf the wave”, be present, have fun and work hard with the clients I really enjoy.

As a freelance photographer you're constantly progressing your skills, your relation to clients, and to the life you'll achieve. Trends and jobs changes and it's a privilege to be able to adapt.

I'm fortunated to have clients including adventure, editorial and corporate photography & film making.

A Passionated Talk is an on going series of short stories about people and their passion for the great outdoor.

I love everything about my life as a photographer and filmmaker, and is certainly driven by passion, good brewed coffée, and find my inspiration in nature, spending time with friends and listening to music.

"Camilla is second to none.  Her gifted talent, creative mindset, life experience and curiosity makes her the best in business. Her magical way of capturing moments, feelings and stories in only one shot is amazing. 

Camilla has an exceptional ability to adapt to any project. She has strong team working skills and a broad experience with any types of projects and clients. Working with Camilla, is always a guarantee of quality beyond what is expected.

We would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional experience, a customized photography journey, an artistic eye and a warm and funny personality”. 

Kristian Uhd & Camilla Buch, Running26

CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY: ManovaKOMM, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, LTP Group, Spinneys Dubai, Roskilde Universitet, Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen, Kriminal Forsorgen, Københavns Voksen Uddannelsescenter (KVUC), TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, BYGMA Group.

OUTDOOR  & ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, De Brede Planker, Running26, Active Content Partners, Virtu Cycling, Copenhagen Marathon, Sparta, Endomondo, Visit Greenland, Visit Silkeborg, Destination Bornholm, Dansk Klatreforbund, Friluftsland.

CORPORATE FILMMAKING: Spinneys Dubai, LTP Group, TORK/Essity, Georg Fischer Ltd, BYGMA Group, Running26, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne, Renseholdet ApS, EasyMove, De Brede Planker, Dansk Klatreforbund among others …

ADVENTURE FILMMAKING: My personale project with support by brands "A Passionated Talk". Short film with film festival premiere in Copenhagen. See more at MOTION. Travel and adventure videos over the past year is primarily in cooperation with with De Brede Planker in Canada, Georgia, North Macedonia, Italy …

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